A Concordia International School Network is Growing and Welcomes Two New Schools

Impossible Possible

God has His ways to keep us safe and to keep us together. All God’s works described below appear to be an impossible mission, yet God enables us to accomplish what appears to be impossible. He empowers us to achieve more than we could achieve by ourselves, more than we could ever imagine.

This summer, the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS) presses ahead with different ministries which serve one and the same purpose, namely, the expansion of God’s Kingdom and enhancement of relationships among people as well as between human beings and God. Two important advancements in the field of the Gospel ministry shall be mentioned.

Indeed, God blesses Vacation Bible Study (VBS) organised by our Synod abundantly this summer. We are able to serve more than 10,000 participants within the network of 60 schools, congregations and social service units. This number is a record high. Furthermore, 34 schools operated by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, which is a name of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong, joined our VBS delivered both onsite and online. Through VBS, we have a precious and unique opportunity to serve children, our small friends, by sharing the Gospel message with them, using English as the medium.

This summer, the network of five international Concordia schools in Greater China, which offer globally-oriented and values-driven education, has welcomed two new schools. This network is our strength and a guarantee of collaboration as far as international education is concerned. In Hong Kong, we operate more than 40 national schools (from pre-schools to high schools). All those schools are committed to developing and nurturing knowledge, skills and attitudes among our students. We equip them to be life-long learners, high achievers and responsible citizens, transforming their lives and letting them discover their purpose in life in the light of Christian values.

God is faithful to His promises and every day He brings His blessing and healing to our society which had to face the recent pandemic and to withstand different hardships which compelled us to work even harder to assist the grassroots residents of our Region through our educational and social services. Likewise, we strive to bring hope to young people who struggle to find their calling in the community.

Currently, the Lutheran Social Service (LSS) is engaged in several significant social projects such as transitional housing or the revitalisation of historic buildings which are supported by public funds. A caring attitude of Hong Kong residents and the responsible leadership of our regional and central Governments helped to bring the pandemic under control and to reduce a number of new Covid cases significantly, while the vaccination rate is soaring.

As the Synod, we are committed to raising the next generation of citizens and believers. Therefore, by operating national and international schools, we intend to contribute to a peaceful, harmonious and stable community in which all law-abiding citizens can have their place, treasuring our culture and enjoying blessings coming from the Gospel which is not bound here but rather might be shared freely, in a constructive way. God’s work is going on and we are deeply grateful for that.

VBS (Onsite)
VBS (Onsite)
VBS (Online)  
VBS (Online)        
The Two New International Schools Joining Our Network
Two New International Schools Joining Our Network
Two New International Schools Joining Our Network
An example of transitional housing which LSS is to build for more than 1000 families
An example of transitional housing which LSS is to build for more than 1000 families


5月18日福布斯中國發布「2021年福布斯中國。國際化學校年度評選」榜單。通過對各所學校的財務實力,軟硬件水平,升學情況,師資力量,辦學特色,社會聲譽等進行綜合考慮後 ,遴選全國前100名綜合實力最優秀的國際學校。



2021 VBS


黃信榮牧師(港島及九龍東區)電話:9505 7822
劉小明牧師(新界區)電話:9858 8875





2021年5月16日 復活期第7主日 (白) 崇拜連結




網址 https://youtu.be/f_LFNRU0lmw






本會設立三慈惠基金 適時援助社群


香港協同國際學校校長Mr. T. Du 於三月三日前往香港國際學校(HKIS),與HKIS團隊商討該校與協同國際學校推進“Ritman scholarship” 合作事宜。


HKIS 團隊及Principal T. DU(右一)於香港國際學校合影:

High School Principal: Dr. David Lovelin

Chief Advancement Officer: Ann Wardwell  

Associate Principal for Student Life: Lauren Fine

High School Associate Principal for Teaching and Learning: Brent Brayko

Admission Director: Vicky Seehafer             

Prinicipal (CISHK): T. Du


總會最近製作了兩份新單張,分別為 Ministry Highlights 2020 和 Mission Opportunities with the LCHKS 。盼藉此介紹,能讓人認識本會工作,和呼召更多有宣教心志弟兄姊妹加入,一同見證基督!

美國路德會西北區會長Rev. Paul Linnemann及太太Cindy 2020118日在萬邦堂主任牧師蘇主恩牧師陪同下到訪本會。萬邦堂為西北區會員堂會,在福音工作上抱同一心志,該堂亦與本會多個堂會合作配搭無間。

Visit to Chengdu Concordia International School

On October 8th, 2019, Mr.T. Du (Principal of CISHK) was invited to visit Chengdu Concordia International School (CCIS). During this four-day visit, Mr. Du met with the Executive Director, Mr. Guan Mao, and Principal Dorgelo to assist them in planning for the establishment of a high school program in 2020.
Mr. Du also shared best practices with them on school policy planning and setting, school-based assessments, and various tracking mechanisms for building a data driven school. Mr. Du also met with various departments, such as English, Mathematics, and Science to discuss the adoption of Common Core and content standards, and assisted them on unit planner building on Atlas Rubicon.
This trip reflects the practice of regular collaboration and sharing among the three international schools within our Concordia Group.

Front Row (Left to Right): Mr. T. Du, Mr. Dorgelo, and Mr. Guan

Concordia Conference
Professional Development 2019

Concordia School Group is pleased to present our fifth professional development conference from November 15-16 in BCIS (Shenzhen). This is a co-planned event by the three international schools that provides our educators the opportunities to foster a culture of collaboration, share best practices, and most importantly, keeps both our international and local teachers up-to-date with the latest trend in education. Participants to this event is not limited to the three international schools and are open to some of the national schools from Hong Kong that are under the HK Synod.
Dr. Vicki Anderson will continue to be our keynote speaker this year and our theme this year will be ‘Personalized Learning – Starting With The Big Idea.’ Concordia University Nebraska has over 100 years of history and they have been known for training teachers in the US. Concordia Nebraska has been in full support of our school group. Over these years, Dr. Anderson continues to be a big support to our school group. In addition to our annual PD conference, she works closely with BCIS in organizing and allocating US teachers for the school’s summer program. This summer program provides students in BCIS a greater exposure to American Culture and vice versa, helps to provide studentteachers from the US a glimpse into the Chinese culture. In addition, having US trained teachers working with the summer program also helps to provide a pool of trained and dedicated teachers for our school group in the future.
This year’s event continues to be an inspiration for all school leaders and educators to move forward together in enhancing the academic standards within our school group.

Dr. Vicki Anderson Director of ELL/ESL/TESOL Programs Chair Department of International Studies and Modern Languages Concordia University Nebraska USA

Concordia Summer Service in Hong Kong 2019

Dr. Allan Yung and principals with over 50 Concordia educators and volunteers who came from 10 different states in the USA. They served nearly 2,500 students in Hong Kong this summer through English lessons, Good News stories, arts & crafts, songs, games and dramas.
Dr. Allan Yung and principals with over 50 Concordia educators and volunteers who came from 10 different states in the USA.  They served nearly 2,500 students in Hong Kong this summer through English lessons, Good News stories, arts & crafts, songs, games and dramas.
One of the summer graduation classes consisting of 700 students and parents.
One of the summer graduation classes consisting of 700 students and parents.



分別為徐浩然同學(左圖二)及王麒萱同學(左圖三),右圖一為BCIS 校長Mr. Cockborn。

戎子由博士( 左圖一) 親自向兩位傑出校友頒發「協同校友服務獎學金」。

Letters of Clarification regarding the Relationship between the LCHKS and the LCMS

A Brief Letter of Clarification (6 May 2019).pdf

A Letter of Clarification (6 May 2019).pdf

A Letter of Concern to the LCMS District Presidents

The General Conference (Convention) of the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS), which took place on 27 April 2019 (Sat), endorsed the appended letter to the LCMS District Presidents [Resolution 2019-03], while the LCHKS Executive Council resolved that this letter was to be sent out on 29 April 2019 (Mon) [Resolution 2019-4].

Letter to the LCMS District Presidents.pdf

Enclosures (No 1-6).pdf

世界信義宗聯會及香港信義宗聯會成員教會領袖中華基督教禮賢會香港區會總幹事鄒小龍先生、基督教香港信義會監督張振華牧師和基督教香港崇真會朱永生總牧於2018年10月24日(三)到訪本會會長辦公室,本會會長戎子由牧師親自接待,商討聖工合作,彼此有美好團契。此外,本會第一副會長李日誠牧師亦將代表本會於11月隨團香港信義宗聯會共赴日本,參加世界信義宗聯會(LWF)會議,並會探訪日本的Kinki Church 和 Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church,他們均為LWF成員,希望藉此更多了解LWF的地區工作。

左至右﹕ 中華基督教禮賢會香港區會總幹事鄒小龍先生、

蒙上帝的恩典,一如以往,今年VBS (Vacation Bible School, 夏季英文聖經假期學校) 由7月初至月底,分別在不同的堂會及學校進行並圓滿結束。參與的堂會及學校包括:路德會沐恩堂、路德會聖雅各堂、路德會聖道堂、路德會馬錦明慈善基金馬陳端喜紀念中學、路德會兆霖學校、路德會呂祥光小學、路德會沙崙學校、路德會聖馬太學校(秀茂坪)及路德會聖雅各幼稚園,總參與人數達2200人左右。另外,由美國來的弟兄姊妹約有50位。他們主要來自美國堪薩斯(Kansas)、內布拉斯加州(Nebraska)、愛荷華州(Iowa)路德會旗下約10間的教會。他們組成短宣隊來港,為VBS提供重要的幫助,使盛事得以順利完成。

2018年7月5日 本會社會服務處被發展局選出,成為第五期「活化歷史建築伙伴計劃」中活化歷史建築「聯和市場」的承辦機構。社會服務處提交的活化計劃名為「聯和巿場 – 城鄉生活館」,會透過設置本地菜檔及乾濕貨小店,售賣本地蔬菜、農產品及日用品,以回復聯和巿場昔日的運作。





恭賀本會「協同國際學校」於2018年5月11日正式通過學術評審機構「美國西部學院協會」(Western Association of Schools and Colleges,WASC)認証,成為該機構正會員。


「香港路德會 教會復原500周年紀念聯堂崇拜」已於2017年10月31日順利舉行,
欲重溫當日盛況,可到以下連結瀏覽 :