The church and christians have the responsibilities to teach people, train congregations, and lead children and teenagers in the right way. These are what God has commanded (Gen 18:19, Deut 2:4-9, Prov 22:6, Matt 28:19-20, Eph 6:4). The aim of Christian Education is the reconciliation of God and man, which leads to reconciliation of man and others, the society, the country, the natural world and the church. In this way, a positive relationship is established. Hence a person is taught to serve with enthusiasm based on faith, love and hope. And what he does will benefit the society and glorify God.

The Christian Education Committee takes charge of and supervises the synodical education ministry. Under the committee, there is a management committee in each school. They run the school based on the constitutional articles of the management committee of synodical schools, Education Ordinances and policies announced by the HKSAR government.

There are 6 secondary schools, 2 international schools, 4 night schools, 6 primary schools, 1 private school, 12 kindergartens, 2 special schools at present. There are over 1,000 teaching and administrative staff and over 22,000 students in synodical schools.

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Christian Education Committe

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