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News from Lutheran Quarterly 548

News from Lutheran Quarterly 548 On April 18th, due to lack of consultation beforehand and lack of need, our church decided not to adopt “The Lutheran Services Book” edited by CLSB Dr. Michael Paul. On April 21st, our church was approved by the Innovation and Technology Bureau which will [...]


A Resolution of Executive Council

The Executive Council deeply regrets that the LCMS has not yet responded to the LCHKS but rather, as a trustee, sold the three properties and transferred the revenue outside Hong Kong against the wishes of the donors who intended to use these three properties to develop Gospel-ministry in Hong [...]


Congratulations to the graduates of Xicheng Collaborative International School (BCIS) who have been admitted to Stanford University

Three students from Shenzhen were admitted to Stanford University this year. Two of them, Simba XU (second from left) and Glede WANG (third from left), are from the Buena Vista Concordia International School (BCIS). In the photo, there is also the BCIS Principal Cockborn (first from right). Dr. Yung [...]